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Fat vs. pHat

Join the legends of cycling who get pH - Kent Bostick, Tinker, W. Stetina, Richard Meeker and Jim Host. Top pros Jeremiah Bishop, Danny Summerhill and Lee Rodgers(Fuji). Pro triathletes Timo Bracht, Yvonne Van Vlerken, Heidi Jesberger and Christine Jeffrey all buffer for optimum performance, strong finishes and recovery in the demanding Ironman events. Teams- FGS Elite Cycling and Scott RC Mountain Bike Team understand the need for season long performance for all their riders. Slow twitch or fast twitch efforts produce massive amounts of lactic acids that need to be neutralized.Extreme Endurance is the perfect buffer for the athlete.

Fat is Fatty acid and pHat is where your pH needs to be at, 7.35. We all know what acid does in the outside world. It rusts cars tarnishes metal and is used to dissolve things. We are Alkaline by nature and acidic by function. pH stands for potential hydrogen which means the ability for your body to buffer acid. 7.35 or slightly higher means your body is ready for optimum performance..

Our bodies have all sorts of acids (stomach, amino, fat, lactic) and organs that perform functions to maintain homeostasis (proper pH).

  • Kidney------- Regulates acid/alkaline balance excreating uric acid.
  • Lungs-------- Expells CO 2 .
  • Liver--------- Regulates amino acids andcleans the blood.
  • Gallbladder- Breaks down fatty acids in the small intestine.
  • Stomach-----Acids in the stomach provide a good environment for the enzymes to work on our food.

A safe effective buffer is a huge help to training, racing and recovery. We tax our systems with the demands we place on them. Diet, training and stress are all acid producing. Sports drinks, soda, orange juice, wine, beer and my favorite cup of coffee are all very acidic. Back in the day lemon/lime/grapefruit juice was used to provokes an alkaline recation in the body because it is so acidic. There is no easy test that is accurate for pH without getting into expensive blood work. Find out for yourself and get a Race pack or the bottle-It comes with a money back guarantee!