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Our Mission

Our Mission

pHitphills says it all. Pills that provide pH balance for our health, fitness and sports performance. These are other well-made products that provide significant benefit to endurance athletes. Our mission is to build a healthier world through teaching athletes that small changes in diet, exercise, training and supplements bring profound results in health, wellness and of course sports performance.

Our Corporate colors are CMYK- AKA - 4 color process. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These 4 colors make up our full color spectrum in printing. Magenta is the color for all cancers. For us, magenta is our primary team color - bold, healthy and visible. pH is a huge piece to health/performance and it is a very hard thing to keep track of. There are no easy or inexpensive tests for it.  The cleaner our body fluids and the better the pH translates into much better health and performance. Color me happy,

I have been a cyclist for decades. My career started in New Jersey with the Raleigh
Boys, riders who dominated the USA racing scene in the early to mid 70’s and went on to
mentor and coach hundreds of top US cyclists and tri-athletes. The likes of Howard, Allis,
Huphries, Dunn, Dale, Swaim, Phillips … and the list goes on. I was blessed to be at the feet
of theseriders – or sucking wheel and learning.

I spent my racing years from ’75 – ’78 as a Junior and Senior 3 and then I moved up to
the big boys in ’79. Another Jersey boy Kent Bostick took the lead in teaching me how to race
with the big dogs, and I had some great results through ’82. I won many state championships
(10), a top 10 in Nationals, B.A.R. wins for Mid-Atlantic racing. I started a great collegiate team
at Lehigh University and put on the Eastern Track Championships for Colleges. In ’85 I
undertook RAAM and that was a huge learning curve. Ouch. Next, Ironman appealed to me and
I was off to Lake Placid and lots of other multi-sport events. In 2004 I traveled to France and
followed the entire Tour de France and rode 2,230 miles around the country following the event.
WOW. I tried R.A.W. in 2007. It is the short version of RAAM. 1,050 miles is a long, long,
long way.

In 2007 I discovered the importance of pH and here we are. We are alkaline by nature
and acidic by function. The Energizer Bunny is not far off – the more alkaline we are the better
we run/ride/function. For me acidity means buffer or suffer. It is simple and I see so many
people digging their own grave with their knife and fork. It is time to embrace pH and
understand how poor dietary choices and lack of exercise impact our health. For the athlete,
$1.00 a day can be a huge help in training, racing and recovery.

Murray Wilmerding