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pH Function

Friend- pH balance. pH is a value of your blood. It is a measure of the potential Hydrogen (pH) in the blood. There is no easy way to measure it accurately- Arterial blood draw. 7.35 (homeostasis) is where you want to be (slightly alkaline) or a little higher- 7. is neutral. pH is a logarithmic scale so every .1 is 100%. I.E. Slightly higher (+.2) than 7.35 or slightly lower (-.2) is a total of .4 or 400% better ability to buffer acid. For me, I see many more days where I feel really strong and competitive when taking the products.

Foe-  Lactic Acid. Lactic acid shows up when we exercise. It is the stuff that helps or hinders what we do. It is easy to measure and has always been blamed as the culprit for performance breakdown. Lactic acid is the shuttle for the energy we need when we exercise or train. The longer or harder we workout, the more acid we produce. It is part of the athletic process. To buffer it, is to neutralize it.  

Cramps- Cramps have been my Waterloo- My first experience left me clipped in (toe clips) laying in the street. Mind bending, leg stopping pain. I lay there till Vivian Swann stopped and released me from my pedals. 59% of us get cramps. I still get cramps, It just takes much, much longer for them to show up. In long races I take tablets every 60-90 minutes and finish strong.

Power- When the body's fluid is pH balanced (homeostasis) or slightly higher the body is fully charged. Look at your body as a big battery. When everything is fully charged everything works better. Many athletes see a bump in power of 10-25 watts depending on the size of their engine. 

Endurance-  Again, fully charged means a greater ability to buffer/neutralize  acid. The double blind gold study in Germany found that athletes increased their ability by 41% at lactic threshold (LT). They did not raise their LT, but extended it. If they could drill it for 10 minutes they could drill it for 14 minutes on the extreme endurance.

Guarantee- What do you have to lose?  The Extreme endurance bottles comes with a money back guarantee. Use it for a week. Give us your feedback. Extreme Endurance is also one of the safest products on the market and is checked by INFORMED CHOICE.

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