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“I found the miracle magic pHit pills.

I don’t know how they work except they help to balance the pH(buffer acid) during extreme exercise. It significantly reduced my cramping and helps recovery. I notice now when I don’t take them how much worse I feel than when I do. When I did not take them I knew what I was missing.
There are a lot of products on the market but this one is a sure thing. I hope my competition doesn’t find out about them but I love them so much and want to tell everyone to go try them. Try the free sample and you will know what I know; Once you try them I guarantee you will keep using them forever."

Amy Dumbroski

“Cyclocross places great strains on the body – crashes, rough terrain, fast dismounts, and wicked accelerations. When racing double or triple days in a row, my competitive edge is gained through recovery-staying fresh. I depend on Extreme Endurance to maintain my freshness(recover) for multiday racing. There is nothing dull about me, my legs or cyclocross- I stay fresh, pHit(fit) and fast because I supplement for the demands of racing.” It is the same on the road- race after race it is how I recharge myself that matters most to me(and podiums)."

Jeremiah Bishop Jeremiah Bishop

is very excited to find a “buffer for acid* that is easy on my stomach and really works.”

Murray Wilmerding finds Extreme Endurance to be a great buffer for lactic acid. I used to have cramping issues and sore legs. Even at 60 plus it is incredible to find a product that has such an ability to support the healing of micro muscle tears.