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As captain of the FGS Cycling team I was trilled when the old man Bostick) of the team introduced one of his secrets to me.Phitpills. For there were small changes in my watts, but the greatest difference I've noticed is time spent just below threshold wattage. My threshold wattage is 330-340 for 1 hour, or about 350 for 40 minutes.  Before pHitpills I could do 280-290 watts for 2 to 2.5 hours and then I'd have to slow down.  Now I am doing 280-290 watt averages for entire 4 hour rides.  My threshold has not gone up a ton, but I can hangout just below it for twice as long, which is a HUGE advantage.

The other difference is that when I do go over threshold, I don't suffer as much.  So if I need 6 minutes at 420 watts, I don't have to practically put a footdown and throw up at 6 minutes and 1 second. September had this highlight for me:
1st Pensacola Cycling Classic Time Trial; 3.1m in 5:33- A Course record & fastest time overall (33.5 mph!). That's the phitpills.   
 ---------John Hart Captain FGS Cycling, Cat 11 Rider, Multi-State Champ.

"My first experience with pHitpills came from a sample I got from Murray at the USA crit finals in Vegas '09. I used the 50 pills going into my first cross race. My surprise, I didn't have any lactic acid/gut rot like most years in my first cross race. Several months later, I ran into Murray at another USA crit race in Cinncinati. Knowing it was gentle to my gut and it worked, I tried it again. I loaded- 8 pHitpills (tablets) before the race. I was crushing it, soloing from the break the last five laps, winning hundreds in cash primes. I got swallowed up on the closing meters of the last lap. All in all I had a great race with no sour stomach from such a hard effort. This year January 2011; I was home sick in bed with the flu. I figured why not listen to the Ding and deal about the "unseen"- Nutrition and pH balance. I ordered the Pro Pack from  (vitamins, omega oil and the pH balancer (Extreme Endurance)) and started to prepare for the long road season.
I started to get/feel better within days. I got on the bike and started logging hard cold snowy hours in the depth of a stout PA winter preparing for a 5-week training camp in Texas in February. Training started to take off - with huge gains week to week. I was going longer and harder than any preseason training years past. I kept pushing and adding intensity and then eventually racing. I was on the podium the last two weeks; my recovery time has decreased, I feel stronger then ever. I can throw down hard effort after hard effort at the front. I never felt like I was getting sick (sniffles or light chest cold), and still no burning acids in the gut or legs.
The real test was coming home and doing the "Derby" ride. To me this is by far the hardest training ride going. It boiled down to the dirty half dozen. Bissell riders and Wegelius were crushing 60-70 km in the last miles. I stayed with them and even got to throw in a solid dig in the last km.
The bottom line is I believe in pHitpills products. I have never addressed my nutritional properly because I never understood the importance of it. I felt that with all I ate I would do great but those pH pills... WOW- it has proved that balance is critical. I feel stronger then ever going into this season- my 16th year of racing...!"   
Ryan Dewald

Richard Fries G.S.D.
Rides Marketing Director, Best Buddies International
Development Advisor, Bikes Belong Foundation
Announcer, Eleven Event Services

“I ride every day and one way: hard. For most of my 30-plus years of cycling – racing and commuting hard core – I had sworn off most supplements and drinks and powders and such. But in my late forties I started to develop problems with debiltating cramps in my legs, my feet, and even my hands. Nothing worked, bananas, hydration, kiwi fruit. I even went to hippy stores and tried straight magnesium and stuff. The cramps were interrupting more than my cycling; my sleep, my sex life, and simply sitting at a dinner table could be punctuated by rock-hard, painful muscle cramps. Then I got turned on to With a simple explanation from Murray “DingDing” Wilmerding about how the body is a battery transferring electric energy. And – boom – the cramping went away, even after 150 miles on the Harpoon ride. Those things worked immediately where all else had failed. I am fully charged everyday and ready to ride/live again."

Kent Bostick – 11x US National Elite and Professional Track Champion,

2x Masters World Record Holder, 3x Masters World Track Champion, 44x Masters National Champion, 2x Pan Am Am Gold Medalist, Olympian.

“I used to be full-time bike racer after work. At age 50, I started a family and now commitments limit my training time. Exteme Endurance allows me to remain competitive at an elite level and be successful at masters racing on minimal training. I find it helps prevents cramping and promotes recovery when racing distances and intensity exceed my level of preparation. Thanks to Extreme Endurance, I can still participate in cycling at a reasonably high level with less training.”

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Julie Nevitt – 2008 Masters National Point Race Track Champion

“I started taking alkalizing three days before my points race at nationals. My legs felt strong and powerful during the race. There was never a concern about the lactic acid bog after each sprint, deceleration, attack and sprint again pattern. The last three sprints I lead out the pack from the second corner and gapped them all by bigger margins. WOW- what a difference simple buffering makes. It was my best race ever!”

Lee Ann – Age group Marathon Runner/Cyclist

“I started using Extreme Endurance to help my body recover from the abuse of marathon training. Not only did XE help me bounce back from a tough workout, I found that my body tolerated foods and supplements much differently. I am a vegetarian; I love night-shade vegatables; and coffee is the elixer of the gods! I couldn’t eat green peppers in the past and now they are a staple in my diet! XE is a staple supplement even when I am not training for a marathon. I have found that I am more balanced, recovery more quickly and perform better because of XE.”