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Extreme Endurance

100% Natural Athletic Dietary Supplement For Athletes, Coaches and Trainers.

During intense training, don’t just “hit the wall” with muscle burn and pain – BLAST through it with Extreme Endurance, a revolutionary athletic performance formula. It’s clinically proven to increase aerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid.

All ingredients are in compliance for WADA, IOC, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. The product is approved under the Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice programs.



Achieve Peak Performance – Buffers Exercise Induced Acid
Quicker Recovery Times – Improves Endurance – Reduces Muscle Pain


Should dosage be taken before a meal or on an empty stomach?
Should you take it before or after a workout?

Because Extreme Endurance is not released in the stomach, you can take it with or without a meal, whatever your preference. A lot of athletes like taking it with their meals because it’s when they normally take their other supplements.

The dosage should be broken up two times a day, so for example, if your dosage is 5 tablets, take 2 or 3 in the morning and the balance in the evening. Taking Extreme Endurance before or after a workout has no effect on the results of the product. For events- take the maximum dosage 1.5 to 2 hours prior to competition.

Normal Training (Maintenance) and Peak Physical Demand (Intense Training & Competition)

Body Weight (lbs.)
80-124 lbs – 3 tablets per day, 4 tablets per day
125-189 lbs -4 tablets per day, 5 tablets per day
190-244 lbs -5 tablets per day, 6 tablets per day
245-300 lbs -6 tablets per day ,7 tablets per day

Product Information

Extreme Endurance ™ is a revolutionary athletic performance formula created by athletes for athletes. It’s natural, safe and includes clinically proven ingredients that are allowed by the WADA, IOC, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLB.

As an athlete you already know the harder you exercise and compete, the more acid builds up in your muscles. Both your blood and muscle pH goes down into the dreaded acid zone. The increased use of muscle glycogen for energy produces lactic and pyruvic acid. Acidity reduces muscle power and reduces physical and mental endurance. You, your trainers and your coaches refer to this as lactic acid buildup or lactic acid fatigue. On the practice and playing field, it is also called “hitting the wall” or having the “bear jump on your back”. It’s simple. The harder you compete, the quicker you Go Acid! The Athlete who “Goes Acid” last, wins the competition.

Intramuscular acidosis, is when your muscles have too much excess acid. This condition is caused by the production of H+ (Hydrogen ions) which is part of the energy released from the breakdown of glucose. As your muscles “go acid”, this creates fatigue and muscle burn, which you feel during intense exercise. The Extreme Endurance formula and physical chemistry of its 9 ingredients not only assures you that it will buffer production of H+ (Hydrogen ions) and help prevent the acid buildup in your muscles, but it has also been clinically proven to increase aerobic threshold so you can work harder for a longer period of time.

The Impact of Body Acid
Every athlete should know about proper pH balance. PH balance is critical to top athletic performance. PH is measured on a 14 point scale. The lower pH value range, such as stomach acid could average between 1.0 to 3.0. A pH value of 7 is neutral. The arterial blood pH value of a healthy human ranges around 7.35 to 7.45, which is slightly alkaline.

As our body uses fuel and metabolizes food, we produce acid waste which is part of the process of energy release from the breakdown of glucose.

The body has numerous ways to remove this acid waste or try to neutralize this acid buildup. Our kidneys filter blood and excrete acids through urine. Our lungs release carbon dioxide and we sweat acids out of our skin. We also have built in acid buffers to help neutralize pH imbalances like calcium, hemoglobin and phosphorous to name a few.

Your body’s acid concentration increases as you produce lactic acid. Lactic acid is split into Lactate (Lactate ions) and Hydrogen ions. H+ (Hydrogen ions) is the acid in Lactic acid. Lactate is good and is an extremely fast fuel that is preferred by the heart and muscles during exercise. Lactate is vital for ensuring that your body gets a steady supply of carbohydrates. H+ (Hydrogen ions), the other half of Lactic Acid is not good, especially when the acid concentration exceeds the body’s ability to no longer neutralize or flush the waste from your body.

Extreme Endurance uses Nano Absorption Formulation® (NAF) to release powerful acid buffers in your small intestine, not in your stomach.

Why is this important for an Athlete?
It is important because the power of the active ingredients work better in the small intestine. Nano Absorption Formulation® assures easy intestinal absorption with blood and muscle assimilation.

Product Information Ingredients/Dosage
In addition to alkalizing acids generated by demanding exercise and grueling competition, Extreme Endurance ™ adds second generation ingredients to its formula. Proven science, with Nano Absorption Formulation®, also allows Extreme Endurance to address other biochemical changes that occur to an athlete’s body during intense exercise, such as tissue damage, oxidative stress, suppression of the immune system and harmful inflammation. These added ingredients are:

Papain, a protein derived from Papaya, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps repair and rebuild muscle tissue and relieves muscle soreness.

Catechins are added and are one of the most powerful antioxidants to help fight oxidative stress during exercise.

Electrolytes complete this revolutionary formula to assist athletes with the ability to quickly recover and restore balance and maintain the competitive edge.

Supplement Facts- Serving Size: 850 mg
Servings per container: 180 – Recommended Dosage: See Dosage Chart

1 Tablet Contains Amount Per Serving % D.V.- Extreme Endurance Proprietary Complex
Calcium Carbonate, Papain, Magnesium Hydroxide, Catechins, Bioperine, Potassium, Selenium, Chromium, Magnesium Oxide 850 mg #

#Daily Value not established
Other ingredients: Stearic Acid, Lubritab, Magnesium Stearate

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